Archive plays very important role in project management, an archive is a collection of historical records, as well as the place they are located. Archiving is the process of moving unwanted projects from one location to another for easier usage. , look what i found There are a couple of times when you need to archive like some times you do not work on any type of work for some particular time period and when the work is to be completed. You can always recover these Work type if you need them later. In this Software you can handle lots of work and some time you stopped working on some type of work for some time period, but these projects are still in your software and make your dashboard hotch potch. So with the help of this archive feature you can make you that software's dashboard compact. There are many advantages to archiving projects such as archived projects don't take up any space on your dashboard, you'll reduce clutter which makes it easier to focus on active projects, archived projects don't count against your active project total, the fewer active projects you have, the faster and more responsive software will be.

The Above software is use to handle lots of projects simultaneously. , team project management tools, team collaboration tools So make your software fast and compact you need to use archive feature which is very beneficial also. Since both individuals and businesses can use project management software, it has a variety of projects that most individuals do not use or need in day-to-day operations. These additional projects can impede project management software speed and performance. However, archiving old or unused items will streamline project management software memory usage. Project management software can be a useful tool in implementing management processes. Improving project management capabilities is a central issue in increasing productivity and profitability.

Archiving is the most important tool for the project management software to increasing productivity and profitability of the software. Certain team members and clients that are working on a large scale or medium scale with a lot of projects just feel the need to move the completed projects in a separate place for future references and in the same time to remove them from the dashboard if possible. So the solution was to archive them and to restore them when ever they need to. Team management app, project management software offers many features like time tracking, collaboration, file proofing, Casper mode, milestones, archiving a project, file sharing, to-do lists and many more which are useful to increase the productivity of your company or organization.

Today, publicly traded companies face continuing obstacles when they wish to communicate with their institutional shareholders around the world. These include the traditional problems of weak disclosure/reporting requirements and the deliberate efforts by institutions to maintain secrecy of their holdings. The problem has been compounded by the rise to prominence of high-frequency trading (HFT), where billions of shares may be traded in a matter of seconds, rapidly increasing the turnover of shares.

Today, more than ever, the question “Who owns our stock?” remains a major concern within corporate executive offices and boardrooms, as CEOs and CFOs ponder such questions as: “How can we reach all of our shareholders?”; “Do we know who will be voting at our next annual meeting?”; “Is this a year to put a contentious shareholder proposal to a vote?”; or “Do we have a favorable shareholder mix to support this year’s proxy proposals?”

The direction your company takes, and decisions about acquisitions, divestitures and other crucial matters faced by the company, will depend on whether or not you can communicate with as many of your shareholders as possible.

LS Global Advisory addresses these issues head on, with advanced research and proprietary methodologies that will locate and identify a much larger share of institutional shareholders -- around the world – than have previously been available to companies and their investor relations representatives.